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Fall is a great time to switch up your wardrobe and Fall fashion finds under $35 is the best way to stock your closet.

It’s the perfect weather for wearing some really nice outfits.

I love when the temperature starts to cool down and you can now wear jackets and boots!

Jackets and boots have to be two of my favorite pieces when it comes to Fall fashion.

Here I share with you some pieces that are under $35 that are so cute!

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First, we have jackets, because hey it’s a favorite. Here are some really cute jackets.

There are a few different styles here that will suit the mood you’re in or your personal style.

I love light weight jackets that are perfect for the temperature change that are not too thick.

It can get really uncomfortable really quick with a jacket that’s not appropriate for the weather.

And of course I had to add a faux leather & suede jacket to the mix.

Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds


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I love also wearing a comfortable sweater that keeps me warm.

Sometimes you may not want to wear a jacket and you may want something more flexible.

I love oversized sweaters as well as fitted ones. Oversized ones give you more room to move and you can layer with them.

They can also bring any outfit together.

These sweaters here are all more of a loose-fitting cardigan.

Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds


Dresses are perfect to wear in the Fall you can add some boots or booties and you’re good to go.

If the weather gets a bit colder you can add some stockings and still be comfortable.

Fall is also when you want to wear the dresses before the winter comes and it gets too cold to wear.

These are some printed dressed that I love. I absolutely love patterns and these dresses do pattern so well.

One of the great things about dresses, is that you can throw one of those jackets on if it too cold or you just want and edgier look.

Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds
Fall Fashion Finds

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are another favorite of mines.

I have had many jean jackets and I have had to search for the ones that I have.

I love a distressed medium wash denim jacket. You can add this to any outfit and give it a different look.

Both the fitted and the oversized ones are my favorites. Either one complements the perfect outfit.

Medium Wash Jean Jacket
Light Wash Jean Jacket
Black Jean Jacket
White Jean Jacket
Medium Wash Jean Jacket
Medium Wash Jean Jacket


These are some tops that are light weight but long sleeve.

These tops are great for layering should it get colder than expected.

They are also great to wear by themselves.

These are some really cute ones that I found. And the colors are perfect for Fall.

Off The Shoulder Top
See Through Green Top
Black & White Polka Dot Cold Shoulder Top
Red Top Cold Shoulder Top

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Distressed denim jeans are perfect for the Fall weather.

If you’re looking for a more casual look then these are the jeans for you.

Black jeans or light to medium wash are my favorite types of jeans. Below are some that can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.

Faded Black Jeans
Light Wash Jeans
Medium Wash Jeans
Back Jeans


These faux leather pants are great for going out.

You can really dress them up and make them the perfect pants for a date night or night out with the girls.

The ones with the double buttons are great for dressing up. And the other ones are good for either one.

Button Faux Leather Pants
Faux Leather Pants

Final Thoughts

Finding Fall fashion for a cheaper price has gotten harder to do, so here are some great finds that are very reasonably priced.

What are your favorite pieces for Fall? And where to do you like to shop? Let me know in the comments below.