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How to become a poshmark ambassador?

What is a Poshmark Ambassador?

A Poshmark Ambassador is someone who a active reseller or buyer that follows the rules and represents Poshmark well.

Someone who gives great customer service to their buyers and someone who Poshmark will approve of.

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How to become a poshmark ambassador?

How do you become a Poshmark Ambassador?

There are a few criteria that have to be met in order to become a PM Ambassador, such as;

  • 5,000 Community Shares- you have to share 5000 items from other poshers closet.
  • 5,000 Self Shares- you have to share you items 5000 times.
  • 50 New Posher Shares- share 50 new posher closets
  • 50 Available Listing- you have to have at least 50 available listing. (this can not include items that have already been sold)
  • 15 Sales- you have to make 15 sales
  • >4.5 Average purchase rating- your customer rating has to be 4.5 and above.
  • <3 Average shipping time- you have to ship items sold within 3 days (this is based on an average for all your sales)
  • 1 Love notes given- you have to make a purchase, rate the buyer and leave them a comment or what the app calls a love note.

After you complete all of these requirements the app will update.

Completing each one of these tasks will give you a percentage and when you’ve reach 100% you know you’ve completed everything to be a PM Ambassador.

The app will still say “your getting there, keep going” for about 24 hours.

After that Poshmark will send you an email and let you know that you have officially made it to Ambassador status.

The email will also tell you the perks that come with it.

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How to become a poshmark ambassador?


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Some of the perks that come with being an ambassador are you become and affiliate of Poshmark and you can run campaigns.

Poshmark also informs you ahead of time about events that are happening.

And you’re put on the page of people to follow.

How to become a poshmark ambassador?

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are a way to make a little extra money with Poshmark.

You can go into the seller tools and the first option will be campaigns.

When you go into campaigns there will be a list where you can pick which one to participate in.

These campaigns are basically posts that you have to make on Instagram or Facebook.

Poshmark will give you a few choices of things to post about and the requirements and then you take it from there and put it on your social media account.

Poshmark will take about 3 days to review if you posted correctly.

After that they transfer the money to your account as a credit. You can use this to shop on the app.

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How to make sales on Poshmark?


When you become an Ambassador Poshmark places you on the front page of people to follow because you are an Ambassador.

This helps you to gain a lot of followers, which can be good.

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How to make sales on as a reseller?

Does Being An Ambassador Make A Difference?

Poshmark is an app where you have to be active to success.

Around the time a became and Ambassador I was extremely active on the app, and I had more sales than previously.

I don’t think the Ambassador status made a big difference for me, I think being active is what helped me to make sales.

But I do think that being able to make money on the app is a really good perk.

Let me know in the comments below, if your using Poshmark, or are an ambassador yourself. If you haven’t used Poshmark and have questions leave them in the comments below.