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Selling on Mercari is a lot easier than some other apps.

This may be a better app to start with than many others out there.

But what is mercari, what is it used for…

What Is Mercari?

Mercari is an app like many others where you can use to resell a variety of items.

Clothes, electronics and so much more can be sold on Mercari.

There are so many apps today where you can resell just about anything and mercari is no different.

I really like using Mercari and its one of the easier apps to use.

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Guide for selling on Mercari. How to Start selling on Mercari.

How To Get Started On Mercari

Selling on Mercari is extremely easy, and can de done anywhere.

Mercari can be used from your phone or the desktop. It can be used on any device really, as long as you have the app.

If using a phone:

First thing you want to do is download the app to your phone.

After that you want to sign up for an account. You can sign up here.

Once you sign up enter all the information that they ask of you. When you add all your information your good to go and you can start listing!

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What Is Mercari? Tips for selling on Mercari.

How to use Mercari?

So how do we use Mercari for selling? Well its pretty much like every other app.

First you start with taking some pictures of the item you want to sell.

Make sure the pictures show the item clearly and in a good light.

You want to make sure that the customer can see exactly what they are buying. This prevents issues after the item is sold.

Mercari lets you upload 12 pictures, which is great.

Once the pictures are taken you can list them right from your phone.

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Guide for selling on Mercari. How To sell on Mercari.

Listing on Mercari

Listing on Mercari can be done right from your phone. All you have to do once your pictures are taken is get on the app and click sell.

Once you do this, a page will pop up requiring you to fill out information.

Here you upload the 12 pictures that should the item the best and you begin to fill out the title, description, size etc.

When describing the item you want to be specific and give as many details about it that you can.

The other fields that need to be filled out a drop downs, so you list an item pretty quickly.

Once you hit list the item is live and anyone can see it.

If you listing on a desktop the instructions are the same except you have to upload the pictures to your desktop first.

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Guide to using this app for beginners.

Why Use Mercari?

Mercari is a great app to use if you want to resell any old items that you have around the house that you may not ever use again.

This app is also great if you’re a reseller that buys and resells items.

The reason that mercari is great to use is because its a lot easier than some other apps.

You can list on Mercari and move on and continue to list.

The only thing you may have to do on Mercari is promote your items, which means dropping the price for the whole of Mercari.

Or promote privately, which is dropping the price for people that have liked your item.

Mercari is not a social site there for there is nothing besides listing that you have to do to make sales.

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Guide to using this app for beginners.

Difference Between Poshmark and Mercari

Poshmark and Mercari differ here because Poshmark is a social reselling app, it helps you if you to share other people’s items as well as your own pretty often.

Read here for more information on Poshmark.

Following other people and welcoming newcomers to poshmark is also something that people do.

Now these are not requirements for Poshmark, but this does help to show that you are active on the app.

The only thing you really should be doing for Poshmark to boost sells is sharing your closet multiple times a day.

For selling on Mercari on the other hand all you have to do is list. If you list consistently you will be able to make sales on Mercari.

Poshmark requires a lot more to make sales on top of just listing everyday.

Another difference between these apps is that Mercari charges a 10% flat fee on all items, whereas Poshmark charges a flat fee of $3.95 for all sales under $15 and 20% on all sales above $15.

Both of these apps are great. Even though Poshmark may take a bit more work to get sales, it’s still a great app to use for reselling.

Mercari may be a better app to start with and then move on to Poshmark.

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Guide to using this app for beginners.

How Often Should I List?

On any app that you decide to use for reselling the best thing to do is to list everyday.

The reason you want to list everyday is so that you items always have a chance to show up at the top of the main page.

The main page is where potential buyers look and if your item pops up they may decide to purchase it.

It’s all about staying in view for any potential customer.

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Guide to using this app for beginners.

My Listing

One thing that will really help you listing is the title of your item. The reason why is that most buyers use the search bar to look for what they want.

You want to make your item easy to search so it will pop up quickly and maybe even at the top.

For example if you have a pink crop top that’s from forever 21 that’s a small, your title should look like this – FOREVER21 CROP TOP PINK SMALL.

This has all the keywords that a buyer may be looking for.

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Mercari for beginners. Starting on Mercari.


Selling on Mercari is great for almost any item. It’s easy to use, great for beginner and isn’t a lot of work.

It also helps you to learn the way around reselling and being able to move to other apps as well.

The only thing that I have an issue with when it comes to Mercari is that you don’t have the same capabilities on the desktop as you do the app on your phone.

I think that regardless of where your using Mercari the capabilities should be the same.

Remember, as with all apps or reselling tools consistency is key. You wont sell anything if your not consistently listing.