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What is The Poshmark App?

The Poshmark app is very much like a social media app where you can resell clothing; accessories or a multitude of items.

This app is a reselling app that is like a social media community. You can like, share, follow people and have followers too.

This is great for clothes that may be in great condition but would never use again.

Instead of giving it away you can make a few dollars off of it.

This is great for people who buy clothes and then never use them. Which I am guilty of.

I have many pieces of clothing that I bought originally loving. Then I get home and don’t love it as much.

Then the date for return or exchange has passed, so I end up stuck with them. I decided to start reselling these items online.

While researching the best apps to do this I found the Poshmark app. I decided to download the app and try it out to see what would happen.

What Is Poshmark?

How to List Items for Sale?

Listing an item is basically putting it up for sale on Poshmark. Now I had to figure out how to use the app and how to list items for sale.

I did a lot of research online and found that Poshmark was easy to use. Which is why so many people use this instead of others apps.

I had to start with taking some pictures of the items I wanted to sell.

After that I uploaded the picture to the app, I started filling out the requesting information.

Such as what your selling, description of item, colors, size, brand and pricing.

This part wasn’t hard at all just time consuming if you were listing multiple items at a time.

So when I first started I only created my profile and did not list anything. At the time I didn’t have any pictures.

It took me a little while to finally take the pictures and start listing items for sale.

I became a member of Poshmark in Sept 2018, and did not start listing until around March or April 2019.

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What Is Poshmark?

How to price on Poshmark?

This is where I had to work a little harder. Since Poshmark is an app where people can make you offers or like your items.

One way to price your item is to figure out what you’ll accept for the item, then price it high enough that you can make what you really want for it.

For example if you want $15 for and items I would start off by pricing it for $20-$25.

When you make offers or someone offers you something, you can make what you really want for the item.

Another way to price your items is to look up the comp. Which is what the item your selling might have already sold for on Poshmark.

You would go to search, type in your item then sort by sold. After this you’ll see the prices that the item sold for, and price your item accordingly.  

What are Offers and Likes?

Offers are what people may want to offer you for an item that they want to purchase.

When a person makes you an offer on an item you, you can either accept counteroffer. If you feel like the price is too low or not what you want for it.

Or if you feel like the price is ridiculously low (lowball offers) then you can outright decline the offer.

Now offers can go both ways, you can also decide to offer a cheaper price. The app allows you to make a 10%, 20% or 30% cheaper offer with a discounted shipping.

Now you can make a public price drop as an offer or you can offer to liker’s.

Liker’s are people that may want to purchase your item but may want a cheaper price.

Usually when I receive a like I send the person a private offer. This comes with a discounted shipping. (the way the app is set up, you have to offer a discount on shipping if your making an offer).

From there they can either accept your offer, counteroffer or decline.

When you make a 10% offer to a liker, you cannot make this offer again until 90 days are up.

But you can offer 20% or more and they will receive the offer. This is to help buyers not be bothered all the time by the same offers.

All offers are valid for 24 hours.

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What Is Poshmark?

How to Make Sales?

Now making a sale is the difficult part. I posted about 20-30 items in March/April 2019.

I didn’t not make a sale until June 2019. This made me extremely happy. But it was my fault that it took long to make my first sale.

I posted my items and just left it alone not knowing better.

I wanted to know how to continue making sales. So I started researching again.

I found that I had to share my items multiple times a day, and make offers to make some sales.

Pretty much I needed to be seen on the app. The way that Poshmark operates is that if you not active your items won’t be seen.

Therefore you wont make any sales. So after this I started sharing and trying my best to stay active.

When I wasn’t at work or doing something important I was sharing my closet. I became obsessed wanted to make another sale. Finally about a month later I make another sale.

Now my first two sales were pretty small. But I was so excited to have them that I didn’t care.

After this I started making more sales by sharing my closet more.

Another thing I did wrong was to list all my items at once, with Poshmark its good to list at least 1-3 items per day, this keeps your page active so that people will see and share your items to there followers.

Now I try to list 3 items per day, when I can. Sometimes this is difficult because I work full time so I don’t always have the pictures ready to list the items.

It is also good to figure out about how many sales you want to make a day to figure out how many items you should post.

What Is Poshmark?

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What are Parties & Sharing?

The Poshmark app has parties where people come together and share their items.

You can join the party and share peoples item and they in return will share your items and follow you.

This helps to gain more followers and have your items shared to people that you would not have reached before.

The parties are all theme based. You can share the items you have for those specific themes to the party.

There is at least one party per day where you can share all of your items.

Some examples of parties are maternity, petite, kids, men’s wear, makeup, jewelry/accessories. These are just a few.

There are usually about 5 parties a day that you can join. This is a good way to gain followers and have new people see your items.

Sharing is what really helps you to make sales.

Sharing your items to your followers or sharing to a party can help sales.

When you do this people see and share your items also and this helps you gain more exposure.

When people share your items its great to share theirs in return.

This builds good relationship where they can continue to share your stuff while you do the same for them.

With this exposure you can make more sales and you may even help other people to make more sales too.

When parties are happening you can go into the parties and share other peoples item. Which will help you to gain follower and shares also.


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What Is Poshmark?

What is a Low Ball offer?

Lowball offers are when people try to offer you wayyyyyyy less that what you list and item for.

This has happened to me a few times. I have not accepted these offers but I have countered a couple.

I’ve had to actually decline one as the person kept sending me the same lowball offer even after I countered.

I have seen people who have even had to block people for continuing to offer lowball offers.

This hasn’t happened to me yet. Sometimes people will try to see what they can get for the cheapest price. Not caring that you are not making any type of profit on the item.

This offends me a little as all of the items in my closet were purchased at full price. I have not sourced or bought any items for cheap to resell yet.

I am waiting until I can get rid of some of my inventory before I go out and buy more.

This is more offensive to the people that are really trying to make a living off of reselling full time.

What to do after you make a sale?

I struggled with this. When I got my first sale I didn’t know that shipping the item was also an experience to the customer.

It would help with your reviews, which in turn would help you get more customers.

So I didn’t thank the buyer for their purchase or communicate when I would be sending the item out.

Which for a small time seller is not good. I didn’t include a thank you card, which also was not good.

I wrapped the item in some tissue paper and put it in a USPS box and sent it out.

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What Is Poshmark?


This resulted in the buyer not giving me a review at all. This can sometimes happen even if you do all the right things.

After that purchase I decided to buy some shipping items so that my future sales would be better.

I bought tissue paper, poly mailer bags, thank you cards, thank you stickers, tissue paper and ribbon.

After my second sale, I thanked the buyer and said that I would send the package out the next day.

I wrapped the package nicely with all the items purchased and sent the package out with a thank you card.

After this purchase I received a 5-star rating with a lovely review from the buyer.

I started to send out all my packages this way and believe me it made a difference.

People start buying more and more from me. More sale happen when you have great reviews.

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Poshmark Fees

The good thing about the fees that Poshmark charges are they are easy to understand and not a lot of math or calculations are required to figure out what you would make off of the sale.

They also tell you what you would make after all fee are taken out so you don’t have to do the work yourself. Poshmark takes a flat fee of $2.95 for all sales under $15 and a 20% fee on all sales $15 and above.

Shipping Poshmark Packages

One of the great things about the Poshmark app is that it makes shipping extremely easy.

So the buyer can pay the full price for shipping. Or you can either offer discounted shipping or free shipping, which will come out of your profits for the sale.

Shipping is one flat rate of $6.79 for all items up to 5 pounds anything more is additional shipping.

Once shipping is paid for, Poshmark will send you the shipping label. All you have to do is print it out and attach it to the package.

When you take it to the post office they just scan it and give you a receipt, and you’re done.

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Poshmark is a good app to use when you want to resell the clothing or items in your house that you no longer use, its also good if you buy items to resell.

The fees are reasonable and the shipping is great and easy enough. You do have to put in some work and effort to make sales especially in the beginning but its so worth it when you make the sales.

Overall it’s a great app to use.

Let me know in the comments below, if you’ve used the Poshmark app before and what you think about the app. If you haven’t and have questions leave them in the comments.