About Me


My name is Leeandra and I created the Hawte Style Blog.

Growing up it was hard for me to find haircare & skincare products for my specific skintype as there weren’t many girls of my complexion on T.V. or in the media. I would have to just try something and see if it worked for me which is what developed my passion for skincare & haircare. Over the years I have found some great products and some not worth spending money on. Even though I have found products that work for my skin and hair I continue to try new products and love trying them.

Not only was it difficult for me to find products to work for my skin, I developed adult acne which really sent me on a hunt for products that would help my skin. Even with finding great products, after a while my skin tends to rebel and I have to start looking again, so I’m always trying something new. 

When it comes to haircare, lets just say not only have I been styling and taking care of my own hair for as long as I can remember, I would also help my mom style other people’s hair when I was younger. I have loved hair since I was a little girl. I have experience styling, coloring, bleaching and repairing damaged hair.

I would love to help women by helping them discover the best products for them. Whether they have a hard time because if their skin types, complexions or hair types. I would also love to help women who have developed acne as an adult or colored/damaged their hair one too many times find products that will help them.

About The Blog

Hawte Style is a blog that discussing various hair products, skin products and much more. 

At Hawte Style I review many of the products that I have used and give my honest opinions on whether these products work or aren’t worth the money. This blog was started early 2020. 

I am a part time reseller and I discuss all the tip & tricks I have picked up along the way with hopes that it will help you. 

About Me


  • I am a product junkie (skincare, haircare, bodycare, really any type of product)
  • I am a part time reseller on Poshmark, Mercari & Ebay
  • I love scented candles
  • I love Italian food (pizza & pasta are my favorite)