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I love sheet masks that make your skin feel luxurious, but really, I love any sheet mask. It’s the perfect way to end a facial.

Sheet mask are amazing for adding moisture to the skin after a facial that may take moisture out of the skin.


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What is a Sheet Mask?

A sheet mask is a face shaped mask that you apply to your skin.

This mask is usually individually wrapped is for one use. The mask in its wrapping is usually soaked with serums.

Serums that are beneficial to your skin.

For instance, some may have charcoal, lavender, licorice, extracts, algae, kelp, green tea, pearl or many other ingredients that can be really helpful to any skin ailments you may be going through.

They also super easy to use and extremely relaxing.

I have used so many of these sheet masks and I loved them all.

There are also different types of sheet mask such as paper, gel & fibers. I have used all of these at one time or another.

Here are some of my favorites.

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Purlisse Charcoal + Licorice Pore Refining Sheet Mask

This mask by Purlisse is great for your skin.

This mask is a natural fiber mask that is infused with charcoal, licorice & restorative Asian botanicals.

The mask claims to soothes & nourishes the skin and improve the texture of your skin while fighting free radicals.

I do love how my skin feels after I use the Purlisse Charcoal + Licorice mask.

I’m not a fan of licorice or how it smells. But this mask doesn’t smell like that. Which is even better for me.

Sheet Masks That Makes Your Skin Feel Luxurious

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111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

This is a hydrogel mask and it is amazing!

Now I didn’t purchase this by itself, I got really luck and received this in one of my FabFitFun boxes.

A 5 pack of this mask costs $135. Which is insane. But they do make your skin feel amazing when it on an after your done.

This rose gold brightening facial treatment mask hydrates your skin. It adds moisture back into your skin.

If you have dry skin or your skin is dry from a cleanser or other treatments this is a perfect last product.

I loved being able to try this mask, but I honestly don’t know if I would spend $135 on 5 mask.

But it is definitely and amazing mask and if you’d like to pamper yourself, I would recommend you try it.

But if not don’t worry I have many other sheet masks on the list that are more reasonable priced.

Sheet Masks That Makes Your Skin Feel Luxurious

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Masque B A R Black Gold Foil Sheet Mask

This mask I picked up at CVS one day when I was browsing the aisles.

This is reasonable price and a great mask to try.

The main ingredients are charcoal powder (can you tell I like products with charcoal?) 24K gold & lavender water.

Masque B A R’s Black Foil Mask claims to deep clean, unclog pores while calming & soothing the skin.

This mask was amazing, it was gold, so it felt really luxurious. But more than that it was very moisturizing, and my skin felt great after I took it off.

One thing I really liked about it was that my skin didn’t feel sticky after I was done using it.

I usually don’t like rubbing the excess serum into my skin because it’s always so sticky, but this one was not at all.

Sheet Masks That Makes Your Skin Feel Luxurious

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Radiant Skin Pearl Hydrogel Mask

This is another gel mask that has amazing ingredients for your skin.

The main ones are Pearl Extract, Red Algae, Kelp & Salicornia Herbacea.

The gel of this mask makes it extremely soothing and comfortable. I really love using gel masks with great ingredients for your skin.

It makes me feel like my skin is getting exactly what it needs.

This mask is also a little different because it is separated in two pieces. One for the top half of your face and the another for the bottom half.

The fit is a bit better than some of the other mask.

Luxurious Sheet Masks

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Sephora Mask

I love the Sephora sheet masks! They have so many to choose from an all of them are amazing are for different thing.

I have tried many and love all of them.

Here are a couple of my favorites: the green tea and pearl.

The green tea mask is great if you have skin that gets irritated. This mask soothes your skin and helps with redness.

It also gives your skin a matte look and reduces the appearance of breakouts.

The pearl mask is great for brightening the skin and giving it a luminous look.

It minimizes irregularities in the skin and is made with natural origin pearls.

These masks are also not as expensive as some others on the market, but they work really well.

Luxurious Sheet Mask

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Final Thoughts

Sheet Masks are a great way to pamper your skin but it’s also great if your skin is breaking out, irritated or just needs some extra love.

These are some of the best sheet masks I’ve tried and loved.

Sheet masks are a great way to pamper yourself and just sit back for the allotted time and relax, take a deep breath and enjoy not doing anything but having that mask on your face.

And these are some of the mask that make your skin feel luxurious and happy.

Have you tried sheet masks before if so, which ones?

What works for your skin, let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what you use and how it has worked for your skin.

Disclaimer I purchased all products discussed in this review, and this is my honest opinion.