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I want to talk about some hot oil treatments you can get at the store that are amazing. Since I’ve already written a post about hot oil treatments that you can make from oils you have at home.

Hot oil treatments are a great way to take care of your hair. It’s one of my favorite ways to treat damaged color treated hair. 

But sometimes I’m not interested in making my own or putting oils together and I just want something simple that I can get at the store. To just warm up and add to my hair. 

I’ve found some really amazing ones that I would love to share with you!


VO5 Hot Oil Therapy 

This is one of the first hot oil treatments I purchased and really loved the way my hair felt after using. 

This is sold in the drug store which makes it really accessible. I saw it in the store and decided to take a chance on it. I’ve used VO5 products as a kid. 

I was pleasantly surprised, my hair was smooth and so much easier to manage. It also helped my damaged hair to not look so dry. 

And the great thing about this is it’s super easy to us. You fill a glass with hot water from the pipe. Put the container in the glass and let it sit there until it warms up. 

Then apply to wet shampooed hair, cover with a show cap or plastic bag. Let sit for anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins. Then wash out and conditioner. 

Hot Oil Treatments You Can Get At The Store

Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment by Queen Helene

This is another great hot oil treatment that I really like and have used for a long time. This one is also very easy to use. 

The way that you use this is exactly how you use the VO5 hot oil treatment. 

This leaves your hair silky & smooth, and helps with dry damaged hair. I have used this for many years and will continue to use it. 

My hair was extremely damaged and dry before using this. I remembered that my mom used to use this when I was younger and decided to give it a try. 

I was not disappointed at all, this was perfect for my hair.

Hot Oil Treatments You Can Get At The Store

Placenta Hot Oil Treatment by Queen Helene

This is another hot oil treatment by Queen Helene. Since I used the cholesterol by this brand I decided to try this one. 

I also really like this one just as much as the others. This one claims to restore healthy long lasting vitality and is for extremely damaged hair. 

This was perfect for my hair, my hair is really damaged and dry because of excessive coloring, bleaching & heat styling. 

This one has helped my hair a lot and made my hair look so much better. The great thing about these hot oils are that they are extremely affordable.

Hot Oil Treatments You Can Get At The Store

Olive Oil Hot Oil Treatment by Queen Helene

Since I loved the other two hot oil treatments by Queen Helene I decided to try more and see which ones I liked the best. 

The olive oil treatment was another one I tried and really liked. Olive oil in general is good for your hair so the fact that this brand made it into a hot oil treatment was great. 

This is so much easier to use and heat up than using olive oil from the bottle. Finding a container to heat it alone is a task. But this comes in a tube ready to be heated and used. 

This was another hit for this brand. This treatment is to restore shiny supple resilience. That’s one of the great things about this line. Each hot oil targets a specific hair need. 

Hot Oil Treatments You Can Get At The Store

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Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment by Queen Helene

This was the last hot oil treatment I decided to try by this brand. The great thing about this is that they are sold in your local beauty supply and you can purchase by the tube. 

So I went in and picked up a few tubes to try them all out. And I loved them all.

This one is to restore healthy resilient strength. This went a long way in helping my hair to be restored to a good condition. 

I loved all of these treatments and I would purchase again as soon as I can make it to my local beauty supply.

For hot oil treatments you can get at the store this brand is great to try.

Queen Helene Jojoba Treatment

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best hot oil treatments you can get at the store. These treatments really make a difference in the quality of your hair.

Have you ever purchased a hot oil treatment from the store? If so, which one did you like?

Let me know in the comments below which hot oils that you have tried? And which ones do you like the best?