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What is The Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long?

Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long is a leave in conditioner that is suppose to detangle and smooth out your hair before you style it.

This product is to make the hair more manageable while you style or leave as is.

It has ingredients such as caffeine, ginseng and vitamin E, which helps grow your hair.

This is one of the reasons that I wanted the product in the first place.

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Marc Anthony Leave In Strengthening Grow Long

How To Use?

Before using this product you should wash and condition your hair.

Then towel dry a little and apply this product while your hair is still damp.

Marc Anthony’s Strengthening Grow Long leave-in conditioner comes with a spray that you can lock when not using and unlock when using.

The directions say to spray from the root to the tips of your hair.

I like to spray it all over from the top to the bottom and then take a brush and gently distribute the product through all of your hair.

Then you can style as usual.

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Marc Anthony Leave In Strengthening Grow Long

Does this product work?

There are a couple of thing that this product claims to do.

The first thing it claims to do is grow your hair, this I’m actually not sure about but my hair has been growing lately.

Another thing is to make your hair soft and manageable, this has definitely made my hair softer and more manageable when it’s wet and tangled.

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Marc Anthony Leave In Strengthening Grow Long

Final Thoughts:

After I style my hair with either the blow dryer or flat iron, I’ve noticed that my hair is smoother, silkier and less tangled than if I don’t use the product.

It also doesn’t weigh down my hair or make it feel sticky or greasy. I love the way this makes my hair feel and look.

I’m on my second bottle of this and I don’t think I’ll stop buying it anytime soon.

I love Marc Anthony Strengthening Grow Long leave in, it is also very reasonable priced at about $10.00, compared to the others out there that do the same thing.

I absolutely love this product.

Let me know in the comments below, if you’ve tried this leave-in conditioner and what you think about it. If you haven’t let me know which leave-in is your favorite.

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