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These top 5 masks are great for any skin type but especially great for acne prone skin.

And I absolutely love masks and trying new ones out all the time.

I have so many masks in my bathroom that there’s no more space to put them.

I have tried a lot of masks and, some good some not so much.

Some of the masks in this post I stumbled upon by accident and ending up loving it.

When I say I stumbled upon them I mean I saw trial sizes of them in CVS and decided why not try it out.

Also I noticed a difference in my skin once I started using them.

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Top 5 masks for acne prone skin

Top 5 Masks For Acne

When I was younger, I didn’t really have any issues with my skin, nor did I need to use many products. I didn’t have much acne, my skin was very easy to maintain.

When I hit my mid-twenties my skin started to freak out!

I had no idea what was going on and I hadn’t had many skin issues before so I didn’t know what to do.

I started trying out many products to see what would work for my skin. There was a lot of trial and error.

These masks have helped bring my skin back to a better place, its not perfect yet but I’m slowly getting there.

Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask By Formula 10.0.6

This one of the top 5 masks for acne is a mud mask that claims to detox your skin and clean out impurities from your skin.

I love mud mask, clay masks really just any type of mask.

This mask is amazing!

You really feel like its pulling out all the dirt from your skin and tightening your skin at the same time.

If you have sensitive skin you may want to try it out on a small patch of skin first.

There is a bit of a tingle when you first apply it to your face, but this didn’t bother my skin much.

When I apply it I usually let it dry all the way on my skin, when my skin starts to tighten I wash it off.

After washing the mask off I apply my facial oil right away, as my skin is really dry afterwards.

This mask has helped me to get rid of a lot of my acne and also helps when I have a breakout coming on.

If I start to feel that my skin will break out I apply this mask a couple of times for that week and this helps it to go away.

After I finished using the trial size of this I immediately went to amazon to look for the full size products.

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Top 5 masks for acne prone skin

Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask By Formula 10.0.6

This mask is much like the previous mask it pull all the dirt from your skin. Especially since it’s a mud mask and that kinda what they do.

This one was no different, it helps to keep my acne at bay and gives my skin a really clean feel when I’m done using it.

It pulls all the dirt and impurities out of your skin while tightening too. It’s really amazing for people who have acne prone skin and oily skin.

This mask also makes your skin really dry so you have you apply a moisturizer after.

These masks help make you’re other product application feel so much better. For example when I apply my facial oil I feel like it’s actually seeping into my skin and not sitting right on top.

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Top 5 masks for acne prone skin

Get Your Glow On Skin-Brightening Peel Mask By Formula 10.0.6

Now this mask is a bit different from the others I’ve described so far.

This one of the top 5 masks for acne is a peel mask. Which means after you apply it and let it dry you have to peel it off your face.

It’s a thin layer that dries and tightening on top of your skin.

The first time I used this I did it wrong. when buying this I didn’t realize it was a peel mask (didn’t read the directions) I was too excited to start using it.

I applied way too much to my face and it didn’t dry for me to peel it off.

Ugh it was horrible, I had to wash and wash to get it off.

When I finally read the directions and did it correctly the mask dried and I was able to peel it off.

Now after the first time of using this mask (correctly) I noticed the next day my skin was brighter and looked and my scarring looked lighter.


I was completely shocked because I didn’t expect it. And I thought maybe the lighting in my bathroom mad it look like that.

I didn’t believe that after only one application it could do all of that. So I continued to use it and it continued to do the same thing every time.

This mask has papaya in it and I didn’t know it at the time but papaya is really good for applying to the skin.

There is a powerful digestive enzyme in papaya called papain, which is great for breaking down dead skin cells when applied topically.

This is what was helping my acne scarring. I absolutely love this mask and would recommend this to anyone that is suffering from acne scarring. Or maybe someone who wants their skin to look bright and healthy.

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Top 5 masks for acne prone skin

Biore Blue Agave +Baking Soda Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask

This mask is also different from the others it doesn’t tighten on the skin or any of that.

When I apply this mask there is a cooling sensation that I feel. It’s very refreshing.

The instructions tell you to apply to wet skin and leave for 5-10 min’s but don’t let it dry on your skin.

This is very different from the previous masks, so I have to make sure I time it. Or if it starts to feel dry wash it off right away.

I like this mask because its gentle on my skin and I can use it more often than the others. Its also doesn’t dry my skin out as much.

This is great for maintaining my skin when it’s not breaking out or doing anything crazy.

It leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. I really love this mask. And its great if you want to use for an at home facial.

I love getting facials done by a professional but I also love doing them at home when I need a little me time or to relax from a hard week.

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Top 5 masks for acne prone skin

Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing Treatment

This mask I wanted to try for a really long time, I saw all the beauty guru’s talking about this and how great it is.

I just always thought it was a little pricy but I still wanted to try it.

One day I went to Sephora to pick up some stuff and I saw one of the kits I could get with my points was this Glam Glow kit.

I didn’t even care what came with the kit I just wanted that mask.

When I used this mask I was not disappointed. This mask was awesome!

My skin felt so clean after and looked really clear. I love when I try a mask and I can feel it working to tighten my skin.

This felt amazing on and my skin felt great afterwards.

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Masks for better skin

Final Thoughts

I really love using a facial oil after I’m done, these masks make your skin smooth after your done using it. It makes the apply the oil to you skin so much better.

These are the top 5 masks for acne I love to use now. I’m always trying something new, but these have been the ones I use more regularly. They are helping to get my skin back to a better place.

I’ve also noticed that once I stick to a routine and use these products I don’t have as much trouble with my skin.

Leave me a comment below and tell me some of your favorite mask, I would love to try it out and see if they work for my skin as well.

Disclaimer: I purchased all products discussed in this review, and this is my honest opinion.